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Federal Defense

Federal Defense

Federal indictment for a drug conspiracy? Child pornography? Gun charge? Federal crimes carry large prison terms.  You want an experienced attorney that can hit the ground running. The Federal Sentencing Guidelines https://www.ussc.gov/guidelines are complicated. You want an attorney that is fully versed in federal criminal law and procedure on your side.  The federal government has criminal statutes that deal with crimes occurring across state borders.  Your attorney must be licensed to practice in the federal court where you were charged. 

How can I help you?  I serve clients in both the Northern District and Southern District of Iowa.  I am centrally located in Marshalltown, Iowa to serve clients all over the state. 

I am an attorney that has experience both negotiating plea bargains and trying cases to a jury.  I have handled all kinds of federal cases ranging from drug conspiracies to child pornography to Hobbs Act robbery.  In fact, my most recent federal trial was a Hobbs Act robbery where my client was acquitted and his codefendants convicted.  I provide aggressive and strong legal representation.

Have you received a target letter from the Federal Government? Has your house been raided by the police?  The time to contact an attorney is now.  The earlier you involve an attorney the more successful the outcome. I can negotiate on your behalf with federal prosecutors and work to get your charges reduced or dismissed.  I can point out facts that make you less culpable than similarly situated people facing the same charges. 

In federal court sentences are usually much harsher that those in state court. I understand that charges are just allegations. I will help you get down to the bottom of this. I have 19 years of legal experience. I further worked for 7 years as a prosecutor where I gained valuable insight into how the prosecution secures a guilty verdict.  I use my experience to anticipate weaknesses and build a strong defense.

More importantly though, I care about my clients.  I will get to know you and your circumstances so that I understand you.  Sentencing judges look at what are aggravating and mitigating circumstances.  Aggravating circumstances are things that make you look worse.  Mitigating circumstances are things that make you look better.  For example, a client who had a difficult childhood may want to present that information to the Court.  That way, the judge will better understand how you got to this point.  Further, sometimes your criminal history looks worse that it is.  Whatever it is, I want to understand you and share that information with the Court.  This way the Judge sees a person and not just a criminal. 

Let me use my experience to help you out of this difficult situation.  Call me and we can sit down for a free initial consultation.

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