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Family Law

Family Law
This wasn’t the plan!

Most people don’t come see me because life is going great. You are likely coming to the conclusion that your marriage or relationship isn’t working. Sometimes children are involved. Relationships are complicated and there is no “one-size fits all” solution. I offer a free initial consultation so that we can talk through what is going on. You will walk out of my office with your questions answered and a better idea of what the process looks like. That way you can make an informed decision about your next step.

Every potential family law client that walks through my door has a unique story. For most of you this is a bit raw. We will sit down and assess your needs and develop a solid plan. Let me help you turn the page and start talking about how to move forward.

Why not just go for the jugular Jenny? I’m jilted, hurt, abused? That’s terrible. If your ex is really a monster, court may be your only option. I am a former prosecutor with trial experience dating back to 2005. I will either start talking about solutions or refer you to someone who can help you.

Let’s sit down and see if we are a good fit. This allows you to lay out your legal problem and let me explain how I would help you. Sure, you could spend hours googling your problem and “researching” solutions. Or you can sit down with a legal professional and get down to business. Stop ruminating and start collaborating. Why is this important? Consider two scenarios:


Bob comes in for an “uncontested divorce”: Amy and Bob have two kids, 4 and 7. Amy and Bob are calling it quits after 10 years. They both work at Emerson and are paid $35,000 a year. They have agreed to share physical care of the kids with a week on week off. No child support. Amy is going to stay in the house and pay Bob a property settlement of $10,000 representing Bob’s share of equity in the home.


Maria comes in after being served with divorce papers. She found out 2 days ago that her husband of 15 years has been cheating on her for 2 years. Maria pushed her husband when she found out about the affair and her husband called the police. Maria was arrested for domestic assault and there is a no contact order. Maria is distraught and can’t believe her husband is doing this. She’s angry and hurt. Her husband is claiming she is mentally ill and an unfit mother.

Above are two VERY DIFFERENT scenarios that are typical cases I handle. With Bob’s situation he is going to want a competitive price for a no fuss divorce. Bob and Amy have worked through the main issues. They need an attorney to complete the paperwork, run child support guidelines, draft required documents and guide them through the process. Maria’s case will be much more complicated. SShe will want to talk with a lawyer right away while Bob may want flexible scheduling, so he doesn’t miss work. Maria will want someone that can devote time to her case and situation quickly.

What can I promise you? A free initial consultation where you can talk about your legal problem and size me up. I can lay out different solutions. As a child of the 80s I remember reading “choose your own adventure books.” They were stories written from a second-person point of view, with the reader assuming the role of the main character and determining the plot’s outcome. You are the captain of your ship. The main character in your story. Let me lay out your options so that you can finish writing this chapter of the story. Nomatter how complicated your story we can walk though it together and move forward to the next chapter.

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