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Criminal Law

Criminal Law
How do we fix this?

I sit here writing this website with a fractured ankle. I spent hours googling whether it was a sprain or a fracture. Two days later I went and saw the doctor. I didn’t get the news I wanted but I have a plan to deal with the ankle.

Going to a criminal lawyer is a lot like going to see the doctor for a swollen ankle. It was foolish for me to stare at my swollen ankle and hope things would magically get better. Same thing goes with an arrest. Or maybe the police called wanting to question you about a crime? Or perhaps DHS is at your door? It’s never fun to go see a criminal lawyer. But it’s necessary for you to get to the other side of whatever criminal problem brought you to this website.

Call today for a free initial consultation. I promise you that you will feel better after talking to a lawyer. Googling your legal problem will likely find you the maximum penalties. You will be looking at the worst-case scenario. You aren’t the first person to be arrested. But no two cases are the same. Some clients just want to plead guilty, mitigate punishment as much as possible and move on. Other clients have had their constitutional rights violated. Let’s get to work and find a solution.

My promise to you is that we will sit down together and discuss how I can help you move forward. You will have certainty about the process and what to expect. If there are other consequences (eg. no contact orders or license consequences) we can navigate that together. A criminal charge may be new to you. It’s not new to me. Let me walk you through your options and help you move forward.

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